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The Website is under construction, and to help us design (with all the amazing ideas) is also the author to the novel series “The Annunaki Bible” -Christine Djerf! No need to introduce her further, since her stories inspired both scientists and Ufology groups across the world. Since 2013, her ideas has been used to explain how the stone city Petra was built, what the Akkadians did with cupper scrolls, salt water, goat bladders, basalt stone and myrrh in the caves through-out the rocky landscape.

We’re on the hunt for “true alien creation stories”, and we have chosen an alternative path. Instead of searching for alien proof outside in nature and beyond, we like to explore the human mind in open pseudo science.

My name is Karl Michaels, a complete newbie in blogging but experienced researcher since the eighties. My origin as far as I know, is Europe and Indonesia. I have lived all over the world, and moved where ever my research took me. In Australia I followed every trace of UFO encounters since the 1940s, and in US I’ve investigated the disappearing people’s cases, incidents where people have vanished in mid air, and even on flights.

They didn’t “just get lost”, they completely disappeared in front of eyewitnesses. In my experience, I for most part could find explanations that lead to human interference, and that’s why I deviate from the pure scientific track today. I am still convinced though that there are both Aliens and UFO’s, and what lead me to believe this, was a closed study of human cells and DNA.

In a research laboratory, the group of scientists I was working with, found that human brain cells of different individuals could communicate with each other! They learned howto rebuild a mass similalry by just being close to another speciment. The other speciment could be one of us scientists.

To prove this (consolidation) takes years, but for me that little evidence was all I needed to question both the religious- and scientific creation history. While the first evidence of man, still was a man, other animals devoloped in far more drastic ways. The sabel tooth lost its enormous fangs, the mammuth became an elephant but man, was still man!

In each creation story that I have read, dating back thousands of years before Christ, man was created according to all scriptures, each tale tell the story of closed societies, but and not least, all scriptures from 5000 BC is practically the same as our modern beliefs. Humans in opposite to animals has a so called “loop-thinking”, where repetitive behavior set the evolution paze.

That meaning, if we weren’t served with progress, we would still live in caves! And, with a quick look back at the stoneage, we still live in similar housing, medical science are not much different, while our tools on other hand are most futuristic. How can a race that lack the need of progress (due to limits of the mind), go from thousands of years repeating old beliefs and behaviors, to sending rockets off to the moon, and creating super conductors and microscopic circuit boards in nano tube silicon, without influence from a higher being?

Whether this blog will be something for you or not, the future will tell. But we have started, we believe that there is a chance to prove, aliens from other worlds are not only a part of our ancestry, but a part of our lives today!

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