The Akkadians & Anunnaki’s

The most interesting about the Anunnakis, “Annunakis” or as you wish to call them, is that they weren’t the only civil society in this period of time. Yet they’re the ones we claim to be of Alien origin. I do think that we are of Alien offspring but I don’t know if the Anunnakis per se, is the deal breaker here!?

Why “The Anunnaki Bible”?

The Bible isn’t really a bible, but more a creation story as the ones we already know about, -Christianity, Islam and many more. However it was after reading the “The Annunaki Bible” series by Christine Djerf in 2014, a Swedish science fiction author, I got the epifany. I read something between the lines in the short story, and that drew my attention to the author.

First of all she begin the story in an “ancient” way, a way we suspect our ancestors spoke. That alone doesn’t do much for the imagination, neither does it trigger interest, but when the text slowly lean towards actual scriptures in the cuneiform tablets that wasn’t interpreted (or at least not published) in 2013 (when she wrote the first part of the series), I strongly reacted. -How could she’ve known?

I had to contact the author, and she told me a story of how dreams at night formed the series! Today we can read c:a hundered of the cuneiform tablets interpreted to our modern language, but there are about 1.5 millions yet, still to be translated.

This is intriguing! According to Christine, the dreams started in 2007, and in 2011 she started to research the Anunnakis and Akkadians, and that took her around the world. In one of our conversations, she shows me a solid link between the Vikings and ancient Jordan. In another conversation, she tells me that the Alien story’s barely fiction without any connection to real history. Yet it can’t be ignored, that what she wrote in fact was almost the correct translation of scriptures written during the Bronze age, 5000 BC.

Again, I had to ask how it could be that she could cite cuniforms in such accuracy. Christine told me that in the urge to write the novels, the words just came to her. Now she might not think that is strange, but I certainly do. I asked her in February this year (2021) if she would agree to start this blog with me, if we in the same time promoted her books, and she said yes. She will jump in from time to time and blog for us. Thanks to her, it now has become a reality and we can keep investigating the truth.

The truth?

I have no intention of telling anyone what the truth is, but I do think that we globally need to work together to build the puzzle, that in the end will tell us whether aliens & UFO’s are real or not, or as Christine say’s “aliens are a new idea of interpreting old believes”!

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