Is the classified UFO Video real or not?

Below a similar video “A highly anticipated, classified report on UFOs is being released to Congress but it’s unlikely to reveal any real evidence of aliens.

I have watched the video a hundered times or more, and I still can’t decide wheter it is real or fake! It is said to be real by authorities, but what does Christine think? The author of “The Annunaki Bible”!

Karl: Hello Christine! How are you doing today?

Christine: Hi Karl, I am fine thank you, and thank you for spelling the book title correct now! (Laughs)

Karl: (Laughs) Today I would like to know what you think about the classified video files, that’s been going around internet for quite some time now. The video is from US Airforce and on it we can see black-greyish objects, “bigger dots” flying around, seemingly curious of the aircrafts.

Christine: Actually… I am not sure! The video quality is low, and the UFO’s surrounded by a noticable “aura”, if you will? This aura is typical when mixing moving photage together, that originally is rendered in different speed. When putting them together in a new render, the transparency around the upper layer, creates the “aura”. This because, when animating an object on a timeline, the pixels around it can’t be “nothing”!

Karl: So it is your belief that it’s fake?

Christine: Not necessarily fake in the sense to be a manipulated video, it could as an example be a hoax created in a flight simulator. Instead of putting enemy attack airplanes, to simulate a battle, the application technician could use unidentified objects to turn the heat up a bit!

Karl: Would you say that this is how US airforce pilots are trained?

Christine: I don’t know how they are trained, this is only assumptions.

Karl: If I would say, that I believe it is UFOs, what would you think of me?

Christine: I would think, that you might be correct! See, I don’t work professionally or personally, to prove either my religion or beliefs need to be confirmed, by excluding other peoples point of view. I just state “this is what I see”!

Karl: If it is a hoax, knowing that millions of people wanted to know the truth, what will happen to the UFO societies, how do you think such information will impact us?

Christine: First of all, you talk about “the truth”, that mean not finding UFOs are a lie! But if no one found a UFO, the truth must be forcing or bending reality to match beliefs. While finding (if so) real hard evidence of a UFO would be news, not the “truth”, since “the truth” in Ufology only are assumptions!

Karl:…Wow! That is the first time I actually see my hunt for UFOs as a fantasy chase! In your science fiction however, you speak of aliens from other planets contacting humans, and you build a scenario around how man was created. Could anything of your research be true then?

Christine: Absolutely! There are stories from the 15th century, that match stories today, stories about people who experience entire pseudo-worlds inside their heads. Machines that don’t exist, and dreams about devices that later showed to be thechnically possible. Man can’t create what never has been created before or even was needed by anyone, before the dream or epifani.

Karl: So what will happen to those who had hoped for the UFO video to be real then?

Christine: Nothing! I guess, that a billion or so UFO-watchers can be good for who ever runs for office… to be clear, whether there are aliens or multiple dimensions in layers upon each other, or nothing, we can’t prove anything if we’re looking for evidence where there are non. But we as believers are a major income to those who can use a false positive against us! I think that is worth mentioning!

Karl: Indeed it is, and I agree! Thank you for participating, is it something that you would like to add?

Christine: Yes, since I brought it up, I would wish for our audience to search probability in UFO claims and thank you Karl Michaels for inviting me to your radio show!

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