Discussion between Karl Michaels and Christine Djerf

Karl: I contacted you for the first time in February this year (2021), is that correct?

Christine: (Laughs) Yes that is correct!

Karl: Before I contacted you, I only remembered your book title from 2014, when I read the first short story. In 2018 I picked up on my hunt to find you, but found only “The Anunnaki Bible – the real version” and so on, but that wasn’t you! To me it seems like other authors stole your title, how does that make you feel?

Christine: It doesn’t bother me that much, since we, me and other authors, spell the title differently! “Anunnaki” creates two connecting words “Anun”, from Papa new Guinea and the Siar-Lak language (meaning our). In modern speech that would be “Anun” and “Naki”, referring to an Eastern Beboid language of Cameroon and Nigeria. Together that mean “our languge”. Whilst my title “Annunaki” make (An)(nuna)(ki), where “An” is the God of heaven, “Ki”, is the God of earth but also the description of Jordan and the nature by the Sea of Jordan, and “nuna mean “offspring”! Because of the great mix of citizens in Port Akki or “Acre”, the languages also, got mixed up.

Karl: That is very interesting, can you prove that the spelling of “Anunnaki” mean different things?

Christine: I don’t think I need to! First of all, I am neither a historian nor a language expert, and second, the mix is visable for anyone to see, if you care to match historical events in time with biblography, you’ll soon see that Port Acre and the tales around it, are influenced by thousands of years of immigration and leader shifts. They all had one thing in common though, and that was communication.

Karl: So you mean that when the Nabateans fell to Roman rule and the city Raqmu or in daily talk “Stone City Petra”, and the Romans searched for their gold, they might have searched in the wrong place?

Christine: At this period in time there were three groups, the Nabateans, the Akkadians with Anunnakis and Arabic Musnad. Since Petra was a trading point for the entire world, we leant words, calculating methods and scriptures between each other. The Greeks was only one of the nations seeking to find the Kings Treasure, and dug underground tunnels below Acre and all the way to Petra, just to find wealth. What they found however, was the caves outside, housing for nomads, construction workers and carpenters. From these findings, history is based. They are in pieces, the bare documents for even mathematical skills. They were probably not Akkadian or Nabatean, but a mix of Sumerian and Babylonian. A temporary skill, if you will?

Karl: Thank you for your input, I will take your knowledge with me as I dig deeper!

Christine: Thank you!

To be continued…

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