Different names, different deities!

Christine Djerf/Sweden.

All of a sudden, an image of Astarte, a Phoenician Goddess pop-up on Google on every search page I open. Fat, out of proportion and “wrong”! She has the shape of “silicon injected Hollywood stars”, where the female shape is altered to the point it actually becomes something alien, to the rest of the population.

We all know what a normal fat person looks like, as we know what a normal skinny anoretic person look like. -We know normal! Normal is what normal shaped cells form together, when trying to survive under the pressure of all stress we lay on our bodies. We don’t walk around looking like characters from “The Night before Christmas” or self starving Twiggy from the 60’s. Neither does fat depoes create a cliff hangers of boobs, big luscious arms, Twiggy waist, a big fat ass and ankles like spaghetti! To say this fashion is “normal”, is to say that fish poison injected in our face, making us look like Spock in Star Wars, is “normal”!

-In what way, may I ask?

I’ve never saw this deity before in my life. I’ve seen big beautiful women depicted in stone, skinny fish-looking nymfs, and all kinds of Gods and Goddesses, carefully sculpted in wood, stone, clay or metal. Men and women being men and woman to respect and honor, no matter shape or size. But this statue, this statue is wrong only.

Below it on every page then comes the description, “Astarte”, “Ishtar”, “Ashtar” “Inanna” and Isis. From the look of it though, my wild guess is “Egyptian face”, Indian posture and so on, a complete fake! It annoy’s me that all these women are mixed up to one!

I keep searching the internet, matching words and pictures with history, and a look’a’like pops-up.

Suddenly the unproportional individual takes a new shape. Aha, she wears a “Sirvan” or a “Ε alvār“, meaning that she wears ancient Persian clothes, so called “balloon pants” in fashion sense and a matching blouse! Still I’m not satisfied with my new find. This woman looks “Inka”, more Babylonian than Sumer. But on other hand, the later image with Russian/Albanian/Turkish/Chinese/Iranian influnce, explain why the first lady looks like a Kardashian! Not meant to offend, Kim’s body is her asset, and without the shapes, she would only be beautiful and nothing more!

Happy Saturday to all of you out there today that don’t feel beautiful. A butterfly may compare itself and disguise as a leaf on a tree, but that is not what makes it beautiful to us!

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