Christine Djerf VR

Different names, different deities!

Christine Djerf/Sweden. All of a sudden, an image of Astarte, a Phoenician Goddess pop-up on Google on every search page I open. Fat, out of proportion and “wrong”! She has the shape of “silicon injected Hollywood stars”, where the female shape is altered to the point it actually becomes something alien, to the rest of


Its not likely UFOs!

Since we can’t get any closer to the truth in the UFO report, I feel we need to look into the plausibility that it could be something else than alien origin or a hoax. Talking to Christine, the author of “The Annunaki Bible”, science fiction author and fantasy author, we get closer to reasonable thinking.


Is the classified UFO Video real or not?

Below a similar video “A highly anticipated, classified report on UFOs is being released to Congress but it’s unlikely to reveal any real evidence of aliens.“ I have watched the video a hundered times or more, and I still can’t decide wheter it is real or fake! It is said to be real by authorities,


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